Friday, January 25, 2008


Hi! This is Assavani. I am glad to know Ms.Sonia from Connecting-Asia. She was the one who arranged our trip to Bangkok last year.

Together we traveled with 4 vehicles (4x4 wheel, 12 adults & 10 children)
We drove from Penang (Malaysia) to Surathani, and we stayed 1 night. second and third nights were stayed in Diamond Plaza, Hua Hin. A very relax and beautiful city. We left Hua Hin to Bangkok on 23rd Dec 2007.

We celebrated our Christmas eve on Chao Praya cruise. Also, I would liked to thanks Ms.Toom for her arrangement and we really enjoyed ourselves on the Cruise. Good view, good food, good music and good entertainment.

We stayed in Bangkok for 4 nights. While we were in Bangkok, Ms Sonia & her staffs arranged our local tours. They provided us with excellent service and professional Tour Leader.

Again, from Bangkok, we drove to Chomphon and we stayed a night. Chumphon is a very peaceful village and famous for scuba diving. From Chumphon, we drove to Hatyai and this was our last night in Thailand.

All of us really enjoyed the trip and thanks to Sonia and her staffs.

Assavani West
Traveled to Thailand in December 2007